Rent an Elgin Sweeper

At ISG Rents we offer many different types of Elgin Sweeper rentals. From the Non-CDL Broom Badger to the larger Crosswind and mid-dump RegenX we have the sweeper for your job. Every sweeper we offer is two years or less old and has been serviced by our factory trained technicians in between rentals. Renting a street sweeper is a great opportunity to add an Elgin to your fleet for a short term or long term period. Contact us today to schedule your rental or find out which sweeper is right for your job!

Elgin Sweepers for Rent
A mid-dumb regenerative air sweeper

Three Different Types of Sweeper Rentals

Mechanical Sweeper
  • Sweep Path - 114 Inches
  • Hopper Capacity - 4 Cubic yds
  • Water Tank - 220 Gallon
  • Drivers License Type - Non CDL
Regenerative Air Sweeper
  • Sweep Path - 144 Inches
  • Hopper Capacity - 8 Cubic yds
  • Water Tank - 240 Gallon
  • Drivers License Type - CDL
Mid-dump Regenerative Air
  • Roll-off Dump Height 
  • Hopper Capacity - 8 Cubic yds
  • Water Tank - 250 Gallon
  • Drivers License Type - CDL

Why Rent From ISG Rents

  • We Offer Delivery and Pickup Service of Your Rental Equipment
  • Operator Training Provided by Our Factory Trained Team
  • Guaranteed Quality Equipment
  • Get The Equipment You Need To Get Out of a Jam
  • Grow Your Business Without Buying New Equipment

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Need a sweeper rental? We have them available for long term or short term.  We have many different styles and sizes of sweepers fit for any job. Find more information about Elgin Sweeper!

Elgin Street Sweeper