Rental KM International Asphalt Equipment

KM HotboxKM International T-2 Asphalt Recycler

We offer an asphalt hotbox rental and an asphalt recycler – both are great for contractors and municipalities. KM International has innovative asphalt maintenance equipment, fix your problem right the first time! Asphalt repairs have never been easier or more efficient. The asphalt reclaimer allows your team to maintain asphalt temperature for 3 days.

Both pieces of equipment allow your team to do asphalt repairs year-round. Other benefits of an asphalt equipment rental is your team gets to try it out without purchasing the equipment. Figure out if this equipment is right for your asphalt maintenance needs while renting! Contact us for more information on rental rates and availability! 

Why Rent From ISG Rents

  • We Offer Delivery and Pickup Service of Your Rental Equipment
  • Operator Training Provided by Our Factory Trained Team
  • Guaranteed Quality Equipment
  • Get The Equipment You Need To Get Out of a Jam
  • Grow Your Business Without Buying New Equipment

Contact Us! 

For more information on a KM asphalt equipment rentals for asphalt maintenance and asphalt repairs call us at 1-800-868-8485 or submit an online rental request form! More details on KM equipment click HERE.

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